Sunday, June 13, 2010

Preparation Is Key To Success

Two things happened this last couple of weeks that reminded me that water polo season is just around the corner. The first, John Wooden passing reminds of all of the great lessons and wisdom he has taught us all. One of my favorite quotes is the following:
"Preparation is the key to success"
This leads me to the second point which is a great podcast that I listened to on "Talking Water Polo" which featured an interview with former Stanford water polo coach . In the article he talks about the 3-1-2 USC 6-5 offense and the best way to stay in shape for water polo. Coach Dante Dettamanti, re-ignited the age old debate between swim and water polo coaches on what to do in the off-season. Additionally, he also helped explain that quality over quantity is critical in training. I agree with Coach on focusing on quality because this is especially critical for high school athletes to prevent over-use injuries in shoulders. However, I do believe high school athletes should be encouraged to swim for their schools because of the honor and pride that should go along with this privilege. The best quote from coach is "Water polo is made-up of a series of sprints followed by rest".

In the interest of passing on some guidance of how to prepare for success in the fall, I have created a google docs spreadsheet with several workout's in the pool and running. Summer is a great way to manage balance in your life. You get to plan when and if you workout. Take advantage and make a plan for yourself on how you are going to manage your time. Remember to schedule in some quality time in the water (at the beach, in the pool, at the lake) wherever you can get in and sprint.

When you are working out focus on two things: Heart Rate and Technique. Learn to measure your heart-rate during the workout. You want to make sure you are keeping it in the target zones. Also, you want to make sure you are focusing on good technique. Keep your body position high in the water with plenty of leg drive. If your shoulders bother you try using a pair of fins and ice them after a workout.

Here are some ideas for workouts. Have fun and try making up your own workout.

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